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8220;The difficultly for an artist who is attempting to take a stance, lies in the ability to get your point across and elicit a provoking thought, while still maintaining an aesthetic style.
Kids who are praised for their intelligence don't want a challenge afterwards, they don't want to work hard on something, and if they hit difficultly, that's it," Dweck said in a video interview with the Sal Khan, founder of the Khan Academy.
Investors have to prove that a company's statements are misleading, but if the court abandons its precedent, investors could have difficultly bringing class actions at all.
Sharing is a concept of notorious difficultly for many young children, and this book not only explores the benefits of sharing, but the joy of having something that belongs just to you .
The plastic bags that are difficultly degraded and thereafter leave various poisons are in fact a global problem.
The German support is received very difficultly because the German diplomacy is traditionally acting cautiously when the bilateral disputes are at issue," said Professor Denko Maleski.
At a time of great economic difficultly, the council has explicitly sought to invest in our city's future.
SeeNews) - Sep 18, 2013 - Nearly seven out of 10A Belgians believe that nuclear energy might difficultly be replaced by other reliable sources, an opinion poll commissioned by the Nuclear ForumA showed Monday.
According to Al-Soni, e-Commerce faces three hurdles -- the novelty of this type of trade and the difficultly in building the trust of the shopper in a short period of time, the fear and apprehension toward e-procurement, especially with regard to credit card usage, and the adjustment from being able to preview goods in person prior to purchase.
The reason we don't often hear the Rimbaud song-cycle Les Illuminations is just because it lies too darn difficultly on the voice.
It is important to recognise that one in five children in the UK have some sort of learning difficultly and it is important for children to know you can still achieve great things if you dream and believe in yourself.
The aircraft, a PRM1 twin-engined corporate jet, started having difficultly shortly after taking off from a small airport in the eastern town of Annemasse, about 5 km (3 miles) from Geneva, said officials.