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But it's those who live in rural communities who will be the hardest hit, who will be most in need of assistance - and who will have the most difficultly finding it.
Pope Benedict recently admitted that many people--Catholic and non-Catholic alike--"have difficultly in understanding [the Vatican's] position against artificial means of birth control" and "not even reason is enough" to come to an understanding of that position.
It is true that expectations with regard to demand will change and that they are difficultly verifiable.
Duceppe had no difficultly endorsing the membership in his own caucus of Raymond Gravel, a Catholic priest who dissents from Catholic teaching.
Aluminum, cardboard, glass, and plastic are materials that the earth has difficultly breaking down into waste.
Once the International Franchise Association's 48th Annual Convention gets under way in February, attendees may experience difficultly in limiting their selections as they consider more than 40 educational sessions.
As the agency's community liaison, I had difficultly locating resources in the community and felt a need to develop a community resource directory.
When our customers have difficultly paying their mortgage we work hard to keep them in their homes and have an entire division devoted to helping them," said spokesperson Christopher Orlando.
Each individual trail trip includes a detailed map and a summary of the trip time, distance, and difficultly.
But at times, Cardinal Nation has had difficultly embracing him, presumably because when he took over the tradition-rich franchise after a successful, 10-year run in Oakland, he seemed to arrogantly dismiss the club's history and its lengthy list of icons.
The Japanese central government is having a difficultly trying to convince local communities hosting the bases to accept some of the plans.
Several articles describe the importance of the appropriate use of antimicrobial drugs as well as the difficultly of enforcement.