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Shahid Pervez in 2012 observed overwhelming majority of adult patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma17.
3%) were non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and regarding bone marrow involvement patterns, diffuse infiltration pattern was the most common (40.
Although the paragraphs above aim at explaining the basics of Rayleigh scattering and its consequences in terms of the wavelength-dependent distribution of diffuse radiation, we find that this is a subject that is not always easy to understand in a concrete way.
It was reported that the pathological types of lung cancer with diffuse exudation in chest CT were adenocarcinoma,[sup][1] which mainly occurred in Clara cells, type II alveolar epithelial cells, and mucous cells.
But final diagnosis could be arrived on as diffuse lipomatosis only on histopathological examination.
A total of 13 of 23 ADH cases (57%), 4 of 10 DCiS cases (40%), and 13 of 32 UDH cases (41%) showed diffuse staining for Bcl-2.
The report reviews key players involved Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma therapeutics and enlists all their major and minor projects
From a sample of 1,450 males and females in grades 7 to 12, students with a diffuse identity style reported high amounts of substance abuse, and property and violent crimes.
A beam of gamma rays emitted by a distant galaxy located several hundred million light years away is attenuated on its way to Earth due to interactions with diffuse light.
The result obtained shows the variation of direct and diffuse component of solar radiation in summer and winter months.
The study said the agency was targeting the agricultural sector as the main source of diffuse pollution, which comes from multiple dispersed sources such as fields and roads.
To estimate how aerosols affect the rate at which the world's plants take up carbon, Mercado and her colleagues adjusted ah ecosystem model to include the effects of diffuse radiation on vegetation.