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From a sample of 1,450 males and females in grades 7 to 12, students with a diffuse identity style reported high amounts of substance abuse, and property and violent crimes.
A better understanding of this diffuse light, which acts as a record of the Luminous Universe, provides information about the first stars, shedding light on their formation and on the evolution of galaxies.
If pollution control measures continue to increase atmospheric clarity, the boost in natural carbon sequestration provided by diffuse radiation will abate to near zero by the year 2100, the researchers note.
The radiological appearance of diffuse nodular type of BAC may be confused with miliary tuberculosis and pulmonary metastatic nodules.
The single-agent phase II study is designed to assess the antitumor activity, tolerability and pharmacokinetic profile of SGN-40 in patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
A package of support including technical advice and grants is available to tackle diffuse pollution through measures including improved fertiliser management, fencing watercourses and implementing sensitive supplementary feeding.
Hip fracture risk associated with diffuse white matter lesions differed markedly between participants younger than age 80 and those 80 years of age or older.
Edwards' method stands out for many reasons: it is simple, compact, and easily programmed (it can even be applied as a hand calculation); it is computationally fast and efficient; it can be applied to any number of layers; diffuse and/or off-normal beam insolation can be handled; and it does not require the use of matrices or matrix manipulations.
T 571 om-03 Diffuse brightness of paper and paperboard (d/0)
After 2 days, he was admitted to a hospital with purulent discharge in the right ear, fever, facial cellulitis, and diffuse abdominal pain.
An efficient way to diffuse essential oils is to use a small, portable cold-air diffuser that sends a micro-fine mist into the air where these therapeutic oils can remain suspended for up to several hours.
Law enforcement officers must learn to identify and understand such offenders to effectively diffuse their defenses and lay the groundwork for a successful prosecution.