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To illustrate the different effects of diffused and undiffused light, figure 2 shows photos of the same steel surface under diffused and undiffused light.
The locals holding the diffused shells expressed concern and fear of more ceasefire violations thereby resulting in huge loss of farm and fodder.
According to police, the bomb disposal squad found a 20-kg improvised explosive device (IED) along the road at Safora Chowrangi that was immediately diffused by the squad.
Citrus oils such as mandarin, lemon and grapefruit can be diffused singly or in blends.
2]: "Carbon dioxide is a low-cost blowing agent, but its solubility is low, so if you want it diffused throughout the polymer, you need to keep it under pressure," he says.
Tests discerned that the blob had a semipermeable membrane across which diffused chemicals that reacted inside the cell.
These now give users opportunities to choose between a soft diffused light, or the more intense direct light typical of the original aluminium reflector range.
Such an effect is achieved optically by the interaction of visible light with the filler particles, whereby the light is diffused as it passes through the cosmetic.
Then the airflow is diffused, only to be recompressed and diffused again as it moves along the underside of the car past the muffler and the fuel tank.
Only when a technology becomes widely diffused and used can its limitations and added capabilities be fully explored, leading to new niches and new expected outcomes.
As soon as police reached the site after the first explosion, it immediately diffused the other 12 kilogramme bomb planted in the same vicinity.
KARACHI, June 30, 2010 (Balochistan Times): A terror bid has been foiled as the bomb disposal squads have diffused bomb near Security printing press, Karachi airport on Wednesday.

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