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These granulomatous KPs were scattered diffusely on the posterior surface of the cornea or remained localized under the corneal lesions.
Ultrasonographically, both thyroid lobes were enlarged with diffusely scattered microcalcifications in four of five HT patients.
The imaging studies were revealing: ultrasonography showed liquid in the Douglas pouch, a diffusely hyper-reflective liver and a cephalic hyperechoic pancreatic nodule ([empty set] = 33.
The intestinal tract was diffusely distended and contained little ingesta.
99m]Techenetium methylen diphosphate scintigraphy may show diffusely increased radiotracer uptake over the lungs.
In MPS, these diffusely enlarged PVS affect the periventricular WM, corpus callosum, basal ganglia, subcortical WM, centrum semiovale, thalami and brain stem, resulting in the cribriform or spindle-like pattern.
On chest radiograph, numerous sand-like microliths or calcispherites are seen diffusely scattered in bilateral lung fields - predominantly in the lower two-thirds of the lungs - obscuring the diaphragmatic, mediastinal, and cardiac borders.
Her observations were stable; however, on examination, her abdomen was diffusely tender and there was evidence of generalized peritonism.
At operation, the lesion presents as a soft gray-yellow fusiform mass that has diffusely infiltrated large nerves (1).
8%) cases, while stomach was diffusely involved in 9(8.
On post mortem the spleen was found diffusely enlarged and white in colour.