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The tumor staining was diffusely immunoreactive for synaptophysin and negative for GFAP (Figure 3, E).
The initial CT of the abdomen revealed diffusely thickened and edematous loops of small bowel involving most of the ileum.
Napsin A has also been useful in cases where the tumor is diffusely positive for both TTF1 and p63.
Physical examination showed a diffusely enlarged tongue with no discrete mass.
His abdomen was soft, mildly distended and diffusely tender on right side.
The tumor cells were strong diffusely immunostained with both neuron-specific enolase and neurofilament protein and partially for synaptophysin.
The patient was referred for an urgent brain CT; this showed a diffusely thickened left optic nerve with associated dilatation of the left superior ophthalmic vein (SOV).
EMH most commonly involves the liver and spleen diffusely.
Physical examination showed a diffusely tender abdomen with guarding, no hepatosplenomegaly, a nontender renal transplant, and no lymphadenopathy.
Recent scientific evidence has shown that vulnerable plaque diffusely affects the coronary arteries, limiting the applicability of focal treatments such as balloon angioplasty and stents.
Browns and blacks come most often from melanin pigments, which are diffusely distributed throughout the scale, says research entomologist Donald Davis of the National Museum of Natural History.
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