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Durig at Sewanee also showed diffuseness [IAUC 7515, 2000 Nov 1].
Diffuseness is always a key concept in Swinburne's aesthetic; as his erotic writing precisely conveys the rich joys of multiple stimulation, so in his poetry generally a multiplicity of stimuli--aural, visual, kinetic--deepens the pleasure of reading.
However, they assert that when culture is approached as something to be measured on a quantitative empirical basis, the illusion of diffuseness and permanence disappears.
In our forward march to have a progressive society, we have seen positive development from primitive orientations towards developed ones incorporating shifts from diffuseness to specificity, from particularism to universalism and, more importantly, from ascription to achievement.
Structural forces--many of them essentially bureaucratic--underlying such tendency to diffuseness are analyzed in Eccles, "Logistics," pp.
Another technique to use fiber optics measures the diffuseness of the reflected light from the surface, the reflectivity of the surface must also be taken in to consideration with a core relation chart being generated for each material.
I believe that this opacity is deliberate, being as much a consequence of the author's choice of narrative structure as the diffuseness of the characters' relationships.
This assumption implies that diffuseness of forecasters' predictive density is correlated, but not fully reflected in the degree of disagreement among forecasters.
The problem of diffuseness became more acute with each succeeding chapter.
In this essay, I briefly signal the relationship between narrative diffuseness and political empowerment.
My sense is that much of the diffuseness reflects the public's confusion between psychiatrist and psychologist.
With more than 99% reflectance and near-Lambertian diffuseness, the reflectors can deliver more watts per square meter while offering greater beam stability and uniformity, the company said.