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First, the influence of molecular diffusion gradients on stem cell signaling pathways is described in detail, including a summary of recent discoveries in how gas and nutrient concentrations can influence stem cell potency, differentiation, and metabolism.
Intraparticle diffusion plot showed multi-linearity suggesting involvement of two step diffusion process.
Diffusion also features a free workshop held by an illustrator for The New York Times at the Tramshed Tech on May 27.
Nearly 90% of the products are exported and to meet growing demand from around the world the company decided to increase manufacturing capacity either at the Cilyrychen, Llandybie plant or in Nagpur India where the JV partner Diffusion Engineers is located.
They focus on the practical clinical applications of diffusion weighted imaging and diffusion tensor imaging.
OTCQX: RESX) and US-based biotechnology company Diffusion Pharmaceuticals LLC have completed a merger under which a newly formed subsidiary of RestorGenex merged with and into Diffusion in an all-stock transaction, with Diffusion surviving as a wholly owned subsidiary of RestorGenex, the companies said.
Buyer advisor: MTS Securities, LLC , Diffusion and Dechert LLP ,
M2 PHARMA-October 22, 2015-Hanson Research Launches Vertical Diffusion Cell for Use with Merck Strat-M Membrane
INTRODUCTION: Diffusion weighted imaging is a technique that assesses local environment at the cellular level to determine changes in the random movement of water protons.
Introduction to diffusion tensor imaging; and higher order models, 2d ed.
The difference between the activity index model and the diffusion model is that we include here a much larger number of series (148), which capture not only economic activity, but also information on prices and financial market conditions.