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Besides, the diffusive radiation promoted by EII reduced shading between plants, improving the SR absorption efficiency by them (SINCLAIR et al.
A moisture gradient through the sapwood in the radial direction was observed owing to diffusive drying through the bark.
Another peak, which can be attributed to the diffusive phase of the combustion of the main injection, exists at [theta][approximately equal to]372 [degrees]CA.
Diffusive (conductive) heat exchange in the fluid within the pipe FE and heat transfer due to the fluid flow rate w:
In this way, the system envelope can be described by a Markov diffusive equation with an FPK equation followed.
where the diffusive variable 0 satisfies the local-in-time ordinary differential equation
Well, just interested,' I said, diffusive but not backing down.
2] transport in three compartments of flat-sheet membrane module is obtained using Fick's law of diffusion for estimation of diffusive flux as:
2] diffusive emissions from two large hydroelectric reservoirs at in the Brazilian Cerrado, in an attempt to improve quantity and quality of data available.
This modification consists of the incorporation of Happel's (As) constant not only in the diffusive phenomenon but also in the convective and interception phenomena in the initial collection efficiency equation, according to equation (2) (see Table 1) (YAO et al.
Strategic positioning of your brand, affording it the right visibility through the right medium, and reaching out to the right audience and in the most diffusive way possible is the key to success of any start up.
Muscat, Jan 14 (ONA) The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, in collaboration with Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) in the United Kingdom (UK), organized a seminar on environmental analysis for heavy chemical elements using Diffusive Gradients in Thin Layer - DGT - for the first time in the Sultanate.