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q] is the equivalent proportionality coefficient; [gamma]dq is a factor that depends on the thermal diffusiveness of both materials; and [delta]T is the temperature difference that for all subsequent calculations will be considered constant and equal to 40 [degrees]C.
g] is the thickness of the membrane, [gamma]dg the thermal diffusiveness of the membrane, and [A.
Equation (12) allows quantification of the increment in the number of loading cycles-hence, of the service life-needed by the reflective crack coming from the concrete pavement in order to reach the surface of the asphaltic overlay This equation gives the prolongation of the service life as a function of the thermal diffusiveness of the membrane; the thickness of the membrane; the thickness of the asphaltic overlay; exponent m and experimental parameter characteristics of bituminous materials; and coefficient A, obtained for each material.
As the thermophysical properties of X52 steel (specific heat, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity and diffusiveness, emissivity etc.
So, the pressing question is not merely why Plotinus endorses the axiom of the diffusiveness of goodness but why he reinterprets this, using or perhaps misusing an Aristotelian concept.