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If I haven't lost you in this discussion, you now understand how much energy--especially digestible energy--means to deer and other ruminants.
Currently, the nutritionists are formulating feed on digestible protein and AA (Vogt, 1988; Huang et al.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of different levels of digestible lysine in diets with a high energy density on the productive performance and carcass characteristics of finishing pigs.
Few reports have addressed the optimal digestible isoleucine ratio relative to digestible lysine for age brackets close to slaughter, with regard to carcass and breast meat yield optimization (Kidd, Burnham & Kerr, 2004; Mack et al.
This well-controlled human clinical trial is expected to support LycoRed's newest skin health and beauty technology Lyc-O-Derm/'With this new trial, we are investing heavily in LycoRed's own expertise and insight, and our proven research and technology in digestible skin care," said Golan Raz, head of commercialization for North America.
Theoretical values for NE:ME have been proposed for energetic efficiencies of digestible nutrients for ATP production and lipid retention (Black, 1995; Table 1).
Scientists at the University of Arkansas wanted to see how parboiling would affect the characteristics of rapidly digestible, slowly digestible and resistant starch in rice.
People think there isn't much food, but modern diets are so digestible and there's little waste.
Effect of Various Levels of Digestible Energy and Protein in the Diet on the Growth of "Gamitana" (Colossoma macropomum) Cuvier 1818
Grass-fed cattle also produce methane and work is being done to produce more easily digestible grass.
La digestibilidad de la materia organica (45,41; 37,38; 60,51; 48,25 y 37,58%), contenido de energia digestible (2092, 1860, 2378, 1981 y 1388 kcal/kg de dieta) y proteina digestible (14,97; 12,49; 12,79; 13,90 y 6,74 g/kg) para L.