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As shown in Table 4, apparent fecal digestible P output increased with increasing dietary TDP concentration.
Additionally, this method enables Dreamfields to deliver all the authentic taste and texture of traditional top quality pasta, but with only 5 grams of digestible carbs.
To create an oral version of cidofovir that's less toxic, Hostetler and his colleagues packaged each molecule in a partially degraded, digestible fat molecule.
MIDDLE-CLASS, Middle England author Joanna Trollope, whose "Aga-saga" books about chintz and church meetings I usually find as digestible as a John Pilger rant, has written Girl From The South, a novel about a group of thirtysomethings in London.
But it's presented in easily digestible pieces: news briefs are complemented by longer, by-lined articles which feature both informative summaries (set as long subheads) and frequent call-outs and sidebars.
No one knows how long it will be before you can pick up a pack of digestible gum at the corner store.
Few in the cold new Center for the Arts Theater appeared to mind the short, digestible dances about love that had more in common with television variety shows than anything else, even Broadway hoofing.
The report needs to be digestible, accessible and easily understood.
The farm s alfalfa hay was judged best in terms of its composition, including protein and total digestible nutrients (TDN), and relative feed quality scores.
Starch comes in two forms, digestible and indigestible.
Stover Ventures will commercialize CSI's patented biomass treatment process for producing highly digestible feed products and high-value specialty chemicals from agricultural residues.