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Subsequent digestion of patient isolates with a second enzyme showed that they were actually part of multiple, small clusters and that the illnesses were thus unlikely to be related to a common source.
As described elsewhere, this approach takes the form of a hierarchical decision tree, one component of which is consideration of the resistance of proteins to proteolytic digestion (digestion in simulated gastric or intestinal fluids or by pepsin).
1999) reported that when structure of the major allergens from these foods is disrupted by reduction of disulfide bonds, the allergens were strikingly sensitive to pepsin digestion and lost their ability to elicit allergic reactions in previously sensitized dogs.
Certain statements contained in this press release such as statements concerning the new holding company organizational structure allowing greater flexibility with respect to future operational and financing activities; estimated market potential for the proposed anaerobic digestion systems and other statements contained herein regarding matters that are not historical facts are forward looking statements as such term is defined in the Act.
Environmental Power, through Microgy, holds the exclusive North American license for a highly efficient anaerobic digestion technology that produces renewable energy by converting polluting waste resources from agricultural sites into clean, cost effective fuel.
Environmental Power's anaerobic digestion systems are expected to help animal feeding operations meet Environmental Protection Agency and U.
Environmental Power recently signed conditional letters of intent with a group of farms in Wisconsin to build their highly efficient anaerobic digestion systems and secured a long-term agreement with Wisconsin Public Service Corporation to sell electricity to be produced from the polluting waste.
Environmental Power recently obtained the exclusive North American license for a highly efficient anaerobic digestion technology - a method of producing renewable energy generated by methane gas extracted from animal wastes - through its acquisition of Microgy Cogeneration Systems, Inc.