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Harris will play a central role in this groundbreaking digital TV transition - not only in supplying the market's most advanced digital production, distribution and transmission technology, but also in providing the human resources that are so important to the success of this pioneering project," said Mr.
When it comes to the digital TV transition, McCain has said Capitol Hill's decision to give broadcasters $7 billion worth of digital spectrum for free was one of the most egregious giveaways in history.
households currently take advantage of free OTA broadcasts, which were mandated as part of the 2009 Digital TV transition that required all full-power television stations to provide all-digital broadcasts over the air.
He'll probably talk about further consolidation in the cable biz, including Comcast's bid to buy up AT&T's behemoth cable unit, the digital TV transition and the recent call by Federal Communications Commission chair Michael Powell for the cable biz to carry more broadcast signals than it would like.
HOLLYWOOD In a landmark deal that could provide crucial momentum to the nation's foundering digital TV transition, Sony and Warner Bros.
LOUIS -- Nearly two years after the digital TV transition, antenna sales are exploding as Americans migrate back to over the air reception.
The successful digital TV transition has enabled new transmission capabilities, including Mobile Digital Television (Mobile DTV), a new digital format allowing broadcasters to use subchannels to transmit TV content to mobile devices.

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