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To meet Togo's digital TV transition needs, Harris will supply a complete solution comprising:
Community members in Lane County that need help with the digital TV transition can talk to FCC representatives at Springfield City Hall from 9 a.
amp; AMSTERDAM -- Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), an international communications and information technology company, has been selected as the technology vendor of choice for a country-wide digital TV transition project in the West African state of Togo.
Announces the industry's first fully integrated single-chip DVB-T2 receiver SoC for digital TV transition
9bn, driven by new technologies and digital TV transition, which is due to be completed by 2016.
Digital Television Transition: Broadcom is addressing the expanding worldwide digital TV transition that follows the successful U.
households currently take advantage of free OTA broadcasts, which were mandated as part of the 2009 Digital TV transition that required all full-power television stations to provide all-digital broadcasts over the air.
Since the introduction of its first Zenith converter box in January 2008, LG has taken a leadership role in the digital TV transition, providing ongoing tips and advice on how to hook up and use a digital TV converter box.
This can be partially attributed to businesses and consumers opting to repair or install converter boxes for the digital TV transition, rather than install new television sets.

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