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While it is possible to store image file information in a digital envelope (Acken, 1998), this technique requires that all potential legitimate users be identified and equipped with appropriate keys.
The Pitney Bowes Entrepreneurial Competition is designed to identify and drive the development of growth businesses that can leverage three of the Company's technology areas: Spectrum[R] Spatial analytics and location intelligence; the secure evidencing platform; and the Connect+[R] web-enabled digital envelope and mail printing system.
Open procedure to be carried out through a Request for Quotation for Digital Envelope Closed, run entirely electronically, to be awarded with the criterion of the lowest price, in accordance with articles.
Sandlot Solutions connects data from multiple sources into a single, digital envelope that updates EHRs within the physician's workflow at the point of care.
Emtex performs the complex orchestration of constructing and optimizing the document pages, inserting a digital envelope image and adding finishing information into a single print stream.
The sender then sends the encrypted message and digital envelope together.
Largest printing and graphics franchise system in the world will augment service offerings with innovative OKI proColor Series pro900DP digital envelope press
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