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n The disadvantage of the digital monitor is that the accuracy is affected by body movements or an irregular heart rate.
BEST BUY Baby Monitor SBC SC477 Philips Price pounds 130 Top-of-the-range digital monitor, intercom to talk to baby, 300m range.
The digital monitor is configurable with up to four (4) infrared night vision CCD cameras and offers higher resolution, greater image clarity and automatically back-lit buttons for improved user visibility.
It also offers dual digital monitor oututs, data search functions, and motion search and detection capabilities.
The digital monitor is capable of handling readings from up to four different sensors.
Another important development in the worldwide display market was the acceptance of DVI (digital visual interface) as the de facto choice of PC, graphics card, and monitor vendors for digital monitor connections.
Tenders are invited for Holter Monitor System With Digital Monitor For Use In Iccu.
Number Nine Visual Technology Corp has released what it claims is the first high-resolution digital monitor and graphics accelerator aimed at the PC market.
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Maintenance of Solid State Aquas Digital Monitor.

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