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For example, while the Law to Prevent, Sanction, and Eradicate Violence within the Family and the Law for the Dignification and Integral Promotion of Women firmly denounce violence against women as well as discrimination and inequality on the basis of gender, they define women only as part of a heterosexual family.
has sent me a subjective shortlist of 19 already fairly famous golf persons from whom four will reach sublime dignification depending on where I and the other 409 voters shove their ticks and I'm not hav ing Peter Alliss, for a start, because he's too affectedly casual and he couldn't putt.
It has been a beautiful service of veneration for the martyrs and a dignification of the victims that were the targets of the plans for destruction and death.
Furthermore, it produces the acknowledgment of literary events as objects of political concern, the dignification of the antithesis between fathers and sons and the possibility of discussing this; the presentation of national faults in a manner that is especially painful, to be sure, but also liberating and deserving of forgiveness; and the beginning of a lively and therefore self-respecting book trade and the eagerness for books.