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Le gouvernement venezuelien, par le biais des Forces Armees, mit en place des refuges temporaires afin de repondre aux besoins de la population sinistree ; il organisa le relogement des groupes affectes dans le cadre du Plan de dignification de la famille venezuelienne, programme national de prise en charge des victimes, qui proposait aux familles sinistrees moins favorisees de quitter la ville vers de nouveaux sites souvent eloignes des centres urbains.
Le sens de la dignification releve d'un projet politique de recuperation sociale qui cherche a redefinir l'identite nationale en attribuant a posteriori un nouveau role aux classes populaires.
La promesse de dignification des sinistres releve ainsi d'une << appropriation bureaucratique de leur souffrance >>, proche de celle rapportee par Das (1995 : 138) a propos du traitement social et politique des victimes de la catastrophe de Bhopal en Inde.
L'experience des victimes de La Tragedia beneficiaires du << programme de dignification >> releve donc des deux conceptions du sujet oscillant entre subjectivation -- etre conscient de soi -- et assujettissement -- etre soumis au souverain -- (Fassin 2000).
It has been a beautiful service of veneration for the martyrs and a dignification of the victims that were the targets of the plans for destruction and death.
The then young political scientist Ali Mazrui in his 1967 book Towards a Pax Africana labelled this sentiment as a study in ambition, and indeed thought that the notion of "We are all Africans" was worthy of the dignification as a concept.
Towards the Dignification of the Vulgar Tongues: Humanistic Translations into Italian and Spanish in the Renaissance.
Furthermore, it produces the acknowledgment of literary events as objects of political concern, the dignification of the antithesis between fathers and sons and the possibility of discussing this; the presentation of national faults in a manner that is especially painful, to be sure, but also liberating and deserving of forgiveness; and the beginning of a lively and therefore self-respecting book trade and the eagerness for books.
5) It was accompanied, on an institutional level, by the academic dignification of engineering as a field of academic teaching and by the foundation of "technical universities" or "polytechnical schools," of whose spirit, without sharing their name, Stanford's first program of "Courses of Instruction" was a typical example.
As we will see, however, this additional concern no longer had to do with Durkheim's striving for the dignification of sociology as an academic discipline.
While we can read this as a rejection of feminism, these students would not necessarily name it so; much of their divergentist ire is directed at mainstream gay and lesbian politics where the emphasis on family, nation, and the dignification of sex in marriage is viewed as definitively unqueer.