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It is a fashion; it seems to dignify the act; we are all addicted to it.
The incident was not in itself particularly mysterious; any one of a dozen explanations was possible (though none has occurred to me), yet it impressed me strangely, the more, perhaps, from my friend's effort to reassure me, which seemed to dignify it with a certain significance and importance.
We are to dignify to each other the daily needs and offices of man's life, and embellish it by courage, wisdom and unity.
Dignify Therapeutics LLC, a Triangle-based drug development company focused on restoring bowel and bladder control to people with spina bifida, spinal injury, and other neurological conditions, announced an agreement with ILS to set up a preclinical urodynamics pharmacology laboratory at their facilities in RTP.
Her topics include how culture frames emotions, how gender became segregated and ranked, how gender roles can humiliate, the danger of humiliation addiction, how to free love and sex, how to rescue parenthood, and how co-egalization can dignify everyone.
Instead of describing La Raza as a "civil rights organization," Cox should be asking why Howard Dean and Ken Mehlman would dignify La Raza by addressing its annual convention.
We won't dignify this sham process with our endorsements.
Within the apparently uniform facade, however, the random movements of the screens generate changing, unpredictable geometries that dignify and enliven the public realm.
Godolphin's French arm finally achieved its first 'home' Group-race success yesterday when Dignify took the Group 3 Prix d'Aumale, writes Desmond Stoneham.
Carole Joffe's work "Portraits of Three 'Physicians of Conscience': Abortion before Legalization in the United States" uses personal histories to dignify pre-Roe v.
One of the great undertakings of academic feminism is to reconstruct and dignify the history lived by women in every age, often scantily recorded or, even where preserved in the private writings of women, accorded little significance by chroniclers of traditional history.
United 93 intends to dignify the memory of those on that flight, the men and women whose sacrifice remains one of the most heroic legacies of the incomprehensible tragedies that unfolded on that autumn morning.