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With its obsessive reiteration on "fashion," Borachio's account brings a narrative "fashion" of the play's antecedents into comic alignment and parodic nexus with the tendency in Much Ado to turn human behavior, like wedding gowns, into "fashions," a "fashion" epitomized here when Borachio, trying his auditor Conrade's patience (140-43), turns Don John's malefaction into an exemplum, evil a la mode, digressively subordinating the "tale" he had promised to tell, the "what" that happened, to the "what" it represents.
The mere mention of gold, coyly and somewhat digressively broached, had the effect of thunder in the cloudless sky.
The Malay at the door leads digressively yet inexorably in The Confessions to another doorstep account, both connected as ruminations on death: "I thought that it was a Sunday morning in May, that it was Easter Sunday, and as yet very early in the morning.