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As such, he was a likely site for a certain digressiveness to occur, by which he became dissociated from the culture of speed that his observations of modern life were nevertheless subserving.
Hunter's list of ten features that in combination characterize the genre: (1) contemporaneity; (2) credibility and probability; (3) familiarity; (4) rejection of traditional plots; (5) tradition-free language; (6) individualism, subjectivity; (7) empathy and vicariousness; (8) coherence and unity of design; (9) inclusivity, digressiveness, fragmentation and (10) self-consciousness about innovation and novelty (Hunter 23-5).
For this reason, Warbeck's original reviewers responded with ambivalence; they were quick to note its epic digressiveness, its refusal to stick to the traditional tale, its chaotic jumping between generic conventions, and its intricate weaving of too many subplots.
To understand the digressiveness of The Seasons fully, it is necessary to consider the various digressions, discuss their generic as well as modal implications, and then relate them to the "design" of Thomson's production.
In the same vein, the supplementary benefit layer between UI and ALG II should be phased out in order to raise the digressiveness of income support when UI reaches exhaustion.
Characteristic of Sollers's focus on the vocal and the oral, this genre reprises the Montaignian form in its digressiveness and expressive ease.
Digressiveness of costs per inhabitant over a wide range of population size originates from fixed costs and is in line with international evidence.
Despite their historical proximity, the immediacy of Richardson's epistolary method scarcely resembles the urbane detachment of Fielding's style or the sportive digressiveness of Sterne's approach.
Bartholomew Fair (1614) should have been perfect for Coronato's approach: while seemingly capitulating to vulgarity in providing carnivalesque realism, Jonson is asserting a metadramatic defence of his artistic judgement and authority in that 'special decorum' of his poetic licence The play is almost wholly concerned with the abuse of authority, and the discerning auditor is expected to recognize the satire on the groundlings' incapacity for judgement Coronato allows his tendency to learned digressiveness belatedly to diffuse his argument until the last pages on 'license'.
She was an uneducated person, having only gone through the eighth grade, but her language--marked by an endless digressiveness and a deep, "country" accent--was the one that first introduced me to the possibilities of verbal expression.
Though the astonishing digressiveness of A Life-Drama will always pose obstacles to attracting a wide audience, the poem merits revisiting on the grounds of its unconventional narrative of gender and sexuality.
Highly structured argument--in which the outcome was known by the author from the beginning, digressiveness was a fault to be kept in check, and the mind was organized within an inch of its life--not only took less care for the needs of the ear, but led to a studied emotional disengagement, and eventually undercut the force of religious prose.