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Highly structured argument--in which the outcome was known by the author from the beginning, digressiveness was a fault to be kept in check, and the mind was organized within an inch of its life--not only took less care for the needs of the ear, but led to a studied emotional disengagement, and eventually undercut the force of religious prose.
Throughout Loiterature, which gives further evidence of Chambers's remarkable critical abilities, there is the insistence, one might even say pretense, that his treatment of digressiveness, meandering, and waywardness in literature is unsystematic, merely introductory, and even sketchy.
Observing Burton's generic playfulness and extreme digressiveness, his citations of authority that serve to undermine authority per se, his "attempt at order that manifests disorder, a strategy of completeness that testifies to incompleteness" (110), Seelig discovers "similarities of attitude and method" (129) between Anatomy and Tristram Shandy, with which it shares "an essentially similar approach to the process of composition" (129).
Despite critics' complaints about the inefficiencies and digressiveness of Apollodorus' narrative technique, in my view the story that he tells adequately meets the demands of his argumentation and fills the legal gaps prompted by his groundless accusation.