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Forty-eight patients were subjected to repeat dilatation with 35 mm balloon, two of these developed post-procedure perforations with one mortality.
Management was done by endoscopic or manual dilatation with bougies and/or surgical operation.
The company's Sapphire II Pro, which is specifically engineered for crossing the most difficult lesions and tracking tortuous anatomy, is tailored for successful dilatation.
1%) patients: one following acid ingestion with failure to maintain a lumen by dilatation, and the other in an HIV-infected child with a presumed vasculopathy following perforation during dilatation.
The objective of the study is to assess whether HBB effectively hastens the cervical dilatation and effacement leading to reduction in duration of active phase of first stage of labour and prevents prolonged labour.
In treatment, the first-line therapy is dilatation with a balloon or bougie.
During the past few decades, clinicians have faced difficulties in the treatment of benign central airway stenosis, particularly in dilatation of tracheal stenosis.
This study was conducted in order to evaluate effectiveness of misoprostol on ripening the cervix before dilatation and curettage.
Keywords including achalasia, Heller's myotomy and balloon dilatation were used and relevant articles included.
Shockwave said its technology allows for low-pressure balloon dilatation, reducing the potential for soft tissue vascular injury, which is known to occur with current endovascular technologies.
In Electromagnetism, as shown in [1, see (121)], the volume dilatation is [epsilon] = 0.