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The volume dilatation [epsilon] is given by the relation [1, see
It is not the same as the particle, which corresponds to the longitudinal (dilatation) wave displacement and is localized within the deformation via the massive volume dilatation, as discussed in the next Section 3.
Mass is proportional to the volume dilatation e of the longitudinal mode of the deformation as per (1).
The thermal compensator has a double role: one to lead electric current and second to assure of central core an axial displacement, such as different thermal dilatations of component elements
The thermal compensator has the role of avoid possible thermal dilatation between filament and core, which have different average thermal dilatations and gradients temperature, and taken by compensator.
f] = is linear thermal dilatation of filament of WTh, [DELTA][L.
We have applied the stress-strain relation of Continuum Mechanics to the spacetime continuum to show that rest-mass energy density arises from the volume dilatation of the spacetime continuum.
epsilon] is the volume dilatation defined as the change in volume per original volume [11, see p.
A continuity equation for deformations of the spacetime continuum is derived; we find that the divergence of the strain and rotation tensors equals the gradient of the massive volume dilatation, which acts as a source term.
A dilatation corresponds to a change of volume of the spacetime continuum without a change of shape while a distortion corresponds to a change ofshape ofthe spacetime continuum without a change in volume.
The distortion-dilatation separation of tensor fields is thus also applicable to the field equations of General Relativity, resulting in separated dilatation and distortion relations.
We evaluate these separated field equations (8) in the weak field approximation to show that these relations satisfy the massive longitudinal dilatation and massless transverse distortion results of STCED [2].