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Hughes's motto--Licet plus diligens minus diligar--was drawn from 2 Corinthians 12:15: "I will most gladly spend and be spent for you.
3) (A): Tutelam pomarii, diligens Priape, facito: / rubricato furibus minare mutinio.
Snyman at 214-215 explains the attributes of the diligens paterfamilias or 'reasonable person' as follows:
is quite similar to Heliolites diligens Bondarenko from the Ludlovian-Gedinnian of Kazakhstan according to the descriptions of Dixon (1989) who analysed the latter species from the Ludlow of the Canadian Arctic.
v])), (4) but Meres alters Seneca's subjunctive recommendation (we ought to imitate the bee), to a more pointed exhortation: texts are meant to be mined; their choicest selections are to be appropriated by the lector diligens.
A more familiar source for sprezzatura is neglegentia diligens which, as Burke notes "both Cicero and Ovid advocated in their different ways" (31); see esp.
v] Grounde the in paciens Blynd nocht thi consciens Do thi god Reuerens Thankand him ay 5 Prese the with diligens To put away necligens Cese with sufficiens This ward will a<way> 10 Se on na way to le To the purale be fre And kepe ay cherite god for to plese Thou wate nocht quhen to de quhill thou art here prouid the 15 That thi saule may be Broucht in to ese.