diligent attention

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Hand embroidery design require ultra care and diligent attention as this is quite time taking task.
He added that emphasising the role of the private sector in promoting economic growth requires consistent commitment towards closely meeting the specific needs of market expansions, and paying diligent attention towards implementing this vision in all the support programmes offered by Tamkeen, is a key step that leads to this national objective.
Savage, the California District Court of Appeal established the rule that where the seller knows of facts materially affecting the value or desirability of the property that are known or accessible only to him and also knows that such facts are not known to, or within the reach of the diligent attention and observation of the buyer, the seller is under a duty to disclose them to the buyer.
The MEP award was earned for the plant exhibiting comprehensive planning, safe work execution and diligent attention to equipment reliability.
Mastery over drift is attainable, Lippmann argued, through diligent attention to facts and making active choices.
I also want to thank my fellow officers--VP Rick Warner, Secretary (and Conference Program Committee Chair) Maryanne Rhett, and Treasurer Carolyn Neel--for their hard work and support; and of course all members of the Executive Council for their energetic and diligent attention to business.
The UAE has managed to come so far by diligent attention to reinventing itself and challenging its own orthodoxies regularly.
Sullivan's diligent attention to Woolf's drafts uncovers an ingenious approach to that "old impasse," the problem of autobiographical closure (221).
Diligent attention to detail and an ear for syncopation allow her to traverse memorably through the solos and duets of Alonzo King's work.
It will work on a grant basis, paying diligent attention to the process of selecting eligible persons for the grants.
The banks often play by their own set of rules and require diligent attention to detail.
He says Wisk Air's outstanding safety record is due to the team's diligent attention to detail, strict training standards, and excellent aircraft maintenance.