diligent attention

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Mastery over drift is attainable, Lippmann argued, through diligent attention to facts and making active choices.
The UAE has managed to come so far by diligent attention to reinventing itself and challenging its own orthodoxies regularly.
The ministry pays diligent attention to developing and updating the central employment procedures so as to give equal job opportunities to eligible persons.
Antin's diligent attention to the particulars of his art-encounters points out how often critical response confines itself to hermetic disciplinary conversations.
The banks often play by their own set of rules and require diligent attention to detail.
He says Wisk Air's outstanding safety record is due to the team's diligent attention to detail, strict training standards, and excellent aircraft maintenance.
Weight loss is a relatively brief therapeutic intervention, but trying to keep the weight off requires a lifetime of diligent attention," he added.
The author goes on to say that the protesters should "salute the NYPDC* for paying diligent attention to ensuring that peace reigns in their daze of rage".
Diligent attention to detail and an ear for syncopation allow her to traverse memorably through the solos and duets of Alonzo King's work.
It will work on a grant basis, paying diligent attention to the process of selecting eligible persons for the grants.
LiveXpert by 3D Storm, is the result of 15 years of strong partnerships and diligent attention to customers' needs.
77% of those surveyed said they will pay more diligent attention to their investments following the recession.