diligent practice

See: discipline
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If you go to the learn-to-row day Saturday, you just might be ready to race at the Nationals, with a lot of diligent practice.
They rehearse through diligent practice and preparation; they remain disciplined and professional.
He describes the delight of children being introduced to the game in a Brooklyn classroom, dredges up interesting facts about the game's origin, and gives hope to novices by suggesting that diligent practice, not genetics, might predict a player's success.
You might also provide extrinsic rewards (certificates, for example) for diligent practice efforts.
Pete Fischer, her volleys with the media have the polish that can only come with hours of diligent practice.
Studies have shown significant weight loss after only 1 month of diligent practice (Sato, K.
In simplified terms, the difference between "craft cocktailians" and the common, mainstream drink pourers, and distinctness of nomenclature for "mixologists" versus bartenders, are akin to what distinguishes a legitimate chef from a cook: diligent practice, apparent passion, voluntary investment into continual education, pursuit of quality ingredients, preparation from "scratch," and the resulting superior skill sets and abilities to execute sophisticated beverages.
There are a few subtleties of bolt operation, which can only be learned by diligent practice.
Diligent practice and talking yourself through the shot builds mental control.
Huang Li, Executive Vice President of iSoftStone said, "iSoftStone has already accumulated a wealth of experience in smart city solutions, and through diligent practice and exploration we have formed a highly intelligent, tailored solution for smart transportation.
The California Attorneys' exam is far more about method and diligent practice than it is about legal substance.