dilly dally

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Yes," cries Western, "but if I had suffered her to stand shill I shall I, dilly dally, you might not have had that honour yet a while; I was forced to use a little fatherly authority to bring her to.
Drogheda were slow out of the blocks in recent seasons to appoint managers but Kierans insists they won't dilly dally.
The victim approached police who dilly dally lodged the complaint but not mentioned the ransom amount demanded by the captors.
These promise to be popular, so if something you see appeals to you, do not dilly dally - book your event early to avoid inevitable disappointment.
You could spot the ones who would dilly dally on the crossing, the ones who slyly kicked the child in front, the ones who gave two fingers to the waiting motorists.
The numbers comprising this outstanding and highly recommended for family, preschool, kindergarten, and community library children's CD music collection include: Rock 'n' Roll Mother Goose; Dilly Dally Daisy; Keeping Up With You; Instead Of Watching My TV; Every Day Is A Birthday; Full Moon Walk; Little Sacka Sugar; Look In Your Pocket; Mama Hug; Diggin' Up A Dinosaur; Mama Don't Allow; Side By Side: Happy Birthday Around The World; Snippets; and Karaoke Versions.
And the audience is being encouraged to dress up for the occasion, although this is optional, and to sing along to all their favourite tunes, like Don't Dilly Dally, All The Nice Girls Love a Sailor and I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside.
I break out in a sweat when I see one ahead - probably because I cut everything so fine and have no time to dilly dally.
Rae said: "We will be looking to make an appointment fairly soon, we won't dilly dally on it.
So don't dilly dally on the way to having a bet on DALIAPOUR (3.
The characters tend to dilly dally when they should be pushing on with the story.