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school uniforms, an "ancient" but overly protective father, a dim-witted but well-meaning mother, a sexually progressive older sister, a perverted underwear drawer poltergeist, snickerers Ann and Bee, and Tash, a promiscuous competitor in Emily's quest to win the heart of hunkalicious Aidan (that is, if she doesn't decide to go for dishy Devon, marry heartthrob actor Oded Fehr, or forget them all and go for Fang first).
And he gave his works novel titles: Waltzes for the Dim-Witted, The Parrot's Cage, Duets the Color of Fog.
You Know Better focuses on 18-year-old LaShawndra Pines, a dim-witted, self-described ho whose highest ambition is to become a booty-shaker in a music video.
Jonson's dim-witted, effeminate fops and courtiers lose all claims to masculine identity while his cynical, detached, and self-sufficient men remain "separate and whole" (114).
In contrasting Little Rock's glorious place in the eyes of the world on Election Night with what is undoubtedly viewed by outsiders as the city's low point, we wrote: "It took a mob of dim-witted segregationists denying nine African-American children entrance to Central High School in 1957 to place Little Rock in this dishonorable light in the history books; Clinton's campaign has brought the city full circle .
Although the Poor Richard of the early almanacs is a dim-witted and foolish astronomer, he was soon replaced by Franklin's famous Poor Richard, a country dweller, dutifully pious, quiet, and rather dull, who is a rich source of prudent and witty aphorisms on the value of thrift, hard work, and the simple life.
At once the displayed a capacity for rapid movement and instant and daring decisions that enraptured his own army and completely confused the conservative, rather dim-witted Austrian generals he faced.
Will Sam pull the trigger, or can Ronnie persuade the dim-witted Dingle to cool down before something tragic happens?
DUMB AND DUMBER TO (15) Starring: Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Kathleen Turner, Laurie Holden, Rob Riggle, Rachel Melvin, Steve Tom, Don Lake, Patricia French, Bill Murray Directors: Bobby and Peter Farrell Duration: 109 mins THERE'S no shortage of dim-witted and empty-headed characters on the big screen.
It's the sort of stuff you'd expect your garish uncle or your third-grader's dim-witted friend to find hilarious.
Highlights include observations of dim-witted New Zealanders and a heated discussion with an American immigration officer, who is adamant UK is short for Ukraine.