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Once any dimension has been degenerated, it is now harder to identify the primary key of the fact table.
A third emergent dimension in teacher reflections was a developing ability to find commonalities in thinking and to build upon personal understandings through the diversity in thinking others bring to sustained groups engaged in dialogue on personally directed research.
Although the definitions of spheres in every, dimension are analogous, the configurations of spheres that the various dimensions can contain are very different.
To these we add one more crucial dimension of humor.
Given the fact that the structural division of science pertains generally to epistemological issues, it is most appropriate to relate this division to the dimension of religion of Islam dealing with knowledge.
1) hyperplane in an N-dimensional isometric lattice has an N-fold axis and the dimension of that plane is N-1, the rule works for all primes.
The Z dimension of CIS may be described as the ability to search clinical information for relationships among information not necessarily associated with an individual patient.
Conventional statistical process control (SPC) required sampling five parts every two to four hours and measuring critical dimensions of each part.
The scenario contained three items corresponding to each of the five epistemological dimensions hypothesized by Schommer (1990).
sizes--the smaller the dimension to be probed by smashing particles together the higher are the accelerator energies required.
This first dimension is important because it illustrates that work discrimination involves not only formal actions or decisions but also work atmosphere and interpersonal relationships.