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The goal is to provide an intuitive feel for different types of tolerances and to allow an intuitive access to a diverse knowledge base of dimensional metrology information.
Process controls in the cleaning and finishing processes are similar to those used in conventional processes, with emphasis placed on dimensional verification through hard-gauging, fixturing and layouts using CMM and calipers.
Dimensional Insight is a business intelligence solution provider specializing in multidimensional data visualization, analysis, and reporting software.
As the customer-specified total tolerance decreases, it becomes important to control all sources of dimensional variability both in the foundry and pattern shop.
Phase I results showed that the EPC aluminum castings were superior to sand castings because of cast-in holes, near zero taper, closer dimensional tolerances and surface finish when compared to sand castings.
For example, the sand type, its grain size and distribution, and the sand mixture formulation for cores and/or green sand are significant variables affecting the dimensional capability of the casting process.
An accurate statistical analysis of the main causes of faults and their effect on the total amount of scrap carried out on intake manifolds produced with multiple tooling emphasized the important role tooling plays in the dimensional accuracy of the castings.
Dimensional's equilibrium-based approach is consistent with conventional indexed investing," said David Booth, co-founder and CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors.
Based upon Dimensional Insight's Diver Solution(TM), the HospitalAnalysis solution specializes in the integration of patient, cost accounting, clinical, quality, HR, and financial data to help healthcare companies improve patient satisfaction, quality of care, and their bottom lines.
In addition, Dimensional Insight (DI) will be showcasing its business intelligence and healthcare applications, including its recently certified meaningful use compliance solution.
PEN's excellent dimensional stability and fatigue properties should minimize concerns about tire growth and durability.
2% with only one piece being rejected for dimensional causes.