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In doing so, metalcasters can combine the surface finish characteristics, consistent dimensional control and improved mechanical characteristics inherent in the process with the good mechanical properties, dimensional stability and excellent corrosion-resistant properties found in Almag 535.
Sliding and rotating elements, such as the unit's lens aperture, use both Ketron PEEK-1000 and Ketron HPV PEEK, materials that also provide low abrasion, sliding friction and dimensional stability.
It has dimensional stability so it won't expand and contract.
These materials provide strength and dimensional stability to roofing membranes.
Natpet's H03TF combines high clarity and aesthetics with a new level of superior dimensional stability for thermoformed products, both in shallow and deep drawn parts," the company said.
Ultrason E Dimension is said to have high stiffness at temperatures between 120 and 220[degrees]C, as well as high dimensional stability.
SM200 provides the greatest impact strength while offering good chemical resistance and dimensional stability.
Previous generations of the company's glass microspheres have been used for more than 20 years in a number of manufacturing applications, such as sheet molded composites and plastisols, because of their unique ability to reduce density and improve mechanical properties such as modulus and dimensional stability (shrinkage and CLTE), according to the company.
A natural, high quality product that would comply with the Green Building Specifications is a Bamboo Flooring--a new ideal Environmental choice for the Floor covering with incomparable qualities of hardness, durability, dimensional stability, which do not react to the climate conditions inside or to the environmental changes outside.
Once the tooling is shot, it is difficult to hold dimensional stability.
R/flex 3850 double-clad laminate features low dielectric constant for controlled impedance, combined with high dimensional stability for dense fine-line applications.