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The green lines represent the settings where the parts are dimensionally acceptable, and the red lines represent the settings where the parts are dimensionally not acceptable.
This model can be used to create a new tool which is dimensionally accurate from the first cut, saving time and money for adjustments often necessary on new tooling.
GYLON BIO-LOK[R] gaskets are available for all sizes of triclamp fittings and are dimensionally stable--withstanding temperatures up to 260[degrees]C without deformation.
DMS-4-828 moldable epoxy shim material is dimensionally accurate and millable.
Dimensionally, it includes a Technology Infrastructure/Distance Learning Forum, Auditorium and Conference Facility, and an Academic Center for Excellence.
Described by the company as a dimensionally stable material over a wide temperature range, PCTFE can be used in applications from -400[degrees]F to +400[degrees]F.
It is dimensionally stable, which means it will not shrink, stretch, or curl.
Through the use of a dimensionally driven configurator based ERP system, the manufacturer can automate the majority of product lines and cabinet designs, including variations in dimensionality as well as geometry.
The CeramPump design uses sapphire hard, dimensionally stable ceramic components for long term, drift free dispense precision of 0.
Since DVD discs are dimensionally identical to the CD family of discs, they have the advantage of being compatible with existing CD-based jukebox and changer mechanisms.
This seal is made of PEEK 450G; it is hard, smooth and dimensionally stable.
Getting past the superficial to seeing and living three dimensionally requires the unified involvement of body, mind and spirit.