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Unless a company gets FSC-certified, they usually do not go many extra Stewardship miles since that usually diminishes their profit margin.
Neural activity in affected regions diminishes as pain continues, his study indicated.
Many have speculated that buyers who have been busy during the peak of the real estate cycle will take a hit if pricing diminishes and fundamentals don't strengthen at a quicker pace.
In some situations, authenticity diminishes one's commonality--and thus likeability and acceptance--with others," Jones warns.
For example, we are taught that as we age, our sense of taste diminishes.
She said the taste and smell pose no health risks to people, who might want to refrigerate drinking water to help improve its taste until the problem diminishes later this week.
The ruling outlined three fact patterns, in which the IRS assumed that (1) an inverse relationship exists between the value of the underlying equity and that of each option position; (2) because of the inverse relationships, each option position substantially diminishes the risk of holding the equity; (3) the acquisition of the put option substantially diminishes the risk of loss for the combined position, consisting of the equity and the QC on that equity; and (4) the call option is a QC under Sec.
These ribs cantilever increasingly as the triangular box section of the bow diminishes.
Yes, indeed, as John Donne pointed out, "Any man's death diminishes me," but in the tiny world of theatrical dance, we are diminished more than might seem fair.
In some profound way, the orderliness of Stevens' routines and relationships have become a safe haven to which he retreats from the messiness and ambiguity of life--a retreat that diminishes him as a person.
The exclusive design, with removable gel packs, greatly diminishes the swelling beneath the eyes by not allowing fluid build up and relieving congestion.
In general, therefore, a taxpayer who owns stock in a company, and also holds an option that substantially diminishes his risk of loss on that stock, is subject to the straddle rules.