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In some situations, authenticity diminishes one's commonality--and thus likeability and acceptance--with others," Jones warns.
It is always scary to take these risks but failing to take them doesn't just deprive us of a beloved--it diminishes us as persons, rendering us pale, bloodless dwarfs.
Scientists studying cardiac nerves have taken an important step toward explaining why aging diminishes the heart's ability to pump harder and faster under exertion.
Spyware is a serious problem for both individual and corporate computer users, since it destroys privacy and diminishes system performance," said Sam Curry, vice president of eTrust Security Management at CA.
If a taxpayer diminishes its risk of loss with respect to only a portion of the shares the taxpayer holds in a particular stock, the holding period of those shares with the shortest holding period is reduced.
This trait is somewhat similar to thebehavior of humans, in that the human capacity to learn languages diminishes considerably after puberty.