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In a statement she said, 'The need for extraordinary measures is diminishing because corporate financing conditions have improved.
CLL 202 -- Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Executive Course
How might the defense use diminishing expectations to argue that the defendant should receive treatment for mental illness rather than being jailed?
That is unless the client seeks the 'Bilbao Effect', or tries to erect the largest building in the world, and thereby suspend the law of diminishing architecture.
Times is discovering such venerable economic concepts as diminishing returns, the bad news for horror fans is this: Florida has successfully pared its rolls by 64 percent, while Wisconsin is down 90 percent, suggesting that states like California - which has cut its rolls only 16 percent since 1993 - have a ways to go before the "low-hanging fruit" get scarce.
Meanwhile, pressure on other Asian currency and capital markets re-emerged, as social unrest in Indonesia and potential military tensions in the Indian subcontinent led to a diminishing investor appetite for risk.
TEI's proposal for a simplified, diminishing aggregate balance pool system, comparable to that employed for other depreciable business assets, would minimize those burdens with likely no revenue cost to the government.
Some simplistically attribute diminishing vocations to the fact that many sisters have left the classroom to engage in other apostolates.
In this century, an important common trend in all four countries has been the diminishing of differences in power and behaviour among all social groups; workers and women came to be represented in the centres of power and further integrated into society as national states became welfare states.
Sublease space appears to also be diminishing as the vacancy factor declined from 21.