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There have been few attempts, though, to address directly the question whether inventive and innovative activities at the economy-wide level exhibit diminishing returns.
The space where powder coatings reaches true saturation and is the "final frontier" and the space where the true law of diminishing returns applies--the economic cost-effectiveness.
Chapter 7 deals with the law of diminishing returns and shows "how its consequences have driven organizations to stagnation and devolution through value destruction.
Instead of the negative linear feedback of diminishing returns, markets responded positively to unusual, innovative actions which could give companies an accumulating benefit and advantage.
In this, the first dose has little effect on sales, the second has more than the first, and the sales effect peaks at three; thereafter it declines in a pattern of diminishing returns.
Ironically, some experts point out that extremely fast scan rates may be pushing controllers to a point of diminishing returns.
Diminishing returns, which dominate classical economic thought, can be overcome only when the economy moves away from almost total reliance on organic materials.
Global Banking News-June 10, 2015--Bank of Japan official warns of diminishing returns from QE
All told, it's a handsome acquisition for Starz, even if its dizzying array of characters yields diminishing returns.
PA4 has been written and directed by four people but the unforgiving law of diminishing returns still applies.
Arctic Monkeys, pictured right, @ Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff (Tuesday) * AFTER their blistering debut LP Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, the Arctic Monkeys output has fallen victim to the law of ever diminishing returns.