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One of the diminishments of pleasure afforded by supermarket cuisine is the absence of freshness and, consequently, flavor.
Hans Buehler, Chairman and CEO, stated: "The company is experiencing a continuing diminishment of its golf clubhead market share due to an increasing utilization by our customers of suppliers in China.
Only recently has there been a diminishment in care and the availability of services for us because the system doesn't support the individuality of these people.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The annual presidential culture awards, announced on Thursday evening, were awarded to artists who are known for their pro-Justice and Development Party (AK Party) alignment, thereby illustrating the diminishment of the legitimacy of awards that are to be based on talent and contribution to the arts, according to critics.
The Hellwegs, as conscientious citizens, sought a vehicle that provided the best possible diminishment of pollutants from a vehicle.
In fact, their record in office on health, on education, on the centralisation of public services, and their diminishment through the frozen council tax, is pretty lamentable.
Perceiving Him as liable to offence or diminishment by even the worst efforts of His creations, sells Him short.
There will be no pause, no diminishment of our continuing, vigorous efforts to prevent unsafe commercial drivers from getting behind the wheel and endangering the public, said FMCSA Acting Administrator Scott Darling.
Prior to developing the constructive elements of this task, the first part of the book heightens the reader's sense of what is at stake in the diminishment of beauty by elucidating (1) the connection between the "loss of beauty" and the "perpetuation of violence" by considering Nietzsche's aesthetics via the critique of Rene Girard, and (2) Kierkegaard's negative view of aesthetics vis-a-vis the ethical and religious spheres of existence.
No human life is exempt from diminishment and pain.
Catholics around religious women has been heartening and encouraging, the demographics of aging and diminishment of religious communities are stark reminders of a parallel and shadow reality.
The source said that what was needed at the moment was to put an end to the "mounting humiliation and diminishment of the Lebanese state's power.