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113-114: again the horn diminuendo wedge is too short.
Distanced from the poverty of their parents and assimilated to American culture, they fasten onto immigrant tales and seem to write in diminuendo about their own experiences.
From its prevalent and enfolding mysticism, Tavener creates what, in essence, is a massive crescendo and diminuendo, at its centre a traumatic and tumultuous Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) which decrees that in all religions there is ultimately a time of reckoning as flesh and spirit part company.
But soon, performing a visual diminuendo, they drift well astern, a distant nebula of glittering pinpoints at the planet's indistinguishable edge.
Classical music is not as fast, but the number of notes, combined with the repetitive crescendo and diminuendo can have the same effect.
Idiosyncrasies there are - the snatched phrases, the sudden pianissimo on a final chord, the rapid diminuendo robbing a long note of its suspended dissonance, the Rossinian crescendo (and accelerando) in the turba chorus 'Bist du nicht seiner Junger einer?
Soave sia ii vento" verged on the flaccid, and the martial orchestral accompaniment to the "Bella vita" chorus faded out with a diminuendo as the chorus exited.
19 para piano y orquesta K 459 de Mozart (1756-1791), que rompe con los canones de marcado contraste rapido-lento-rapido ya que todo se va en allegro y las variantes son: Allegro, allegretto y allegro assai, o sea, si se dan los diminuendo ritmicos pero no tan pronunciados como entre allegro y adagio, por ejemplo.
Unlike two of that trio - Diminuendo (1988) and Ramruma (1999), who both won at Epsom - Lady Cecil's improver is out to become the first Ribblesdale Stakes winner to triumph in the Irish Oaks for 20 years.
Sir Henry Cecil won three Irish Oaks with Ramruma (1999), Alydaress (1989) and Diminuendo (1988).
OAKS (8) - Oh So Sharp (1985), Diminuendo (1988) Snow Bride (1989), Lady Carla (1996), Reams Of Verse (1997), Ramruma (1999), Love Divine (2000), Light Shift (2007).
Godolphin won the first Newmarket renewal of the race with Lyric Of Light and while she has failed to shine in her only start since, plenty of excellent fillies have triumphed in the past with the likes of Diminuendo and Oh So Sharp on the (Ascot) roll of honour.