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Taking away; reduction; lessening; incompleteness.

The term diminution is used in law to signify that a record submitted by an inferior court to a superior court for review is not complete or not fully certified.

Diminution in market value is a rule of damages, within which the proper measure of damages for permanent injury to real property is the reduction of market value for any use to which the property might be appropriated. It is a rule providing for the before-and-after value of stolen or damaged property.


noun abatement, abbreviation, decrease, deduction, deflation, diminishment, let up, lowering, mitigation, reduction, remission, shrinkage
See also: abatement, consumption, curtailment, damage, decrease, decrement, discount, erosion, mitigation, moderation, mollification, rebate, release, relief, remission, waste, wear and tear
References in classic literature ?
But the different forms of motion have their own contraries in other forms; thus destruction is the contrary of generation, diminution of increase, rest in a place, of change of place.
Hilbery, these early spring days were chiefly upsetting inasmuch as they caused a general quickening of her emotional powers, which, as far as the past was concerned, had never suffered much diminution.
The measure would cause him some added expense and some diminution of income beyond what he had already undergone from the general depression of trade; and the Hospital presented itself as a principal object of outlay on which he could fairly economize.
The two years that had elapsed since Tarzan had come out of the savage forest with his rescued mate had witnessed slight diminution of the mighty powers that had made him the invincible lord of the jungle.
She felt a new strength, or at least a diminution of the creature's power over her.
And, furthermore, he was still riding the hunch, and with no diminution of daring.
But there was no diminution in the loftiness of his feeling for her.
The diminution in reptilian life was the most noticeable change in the fauna of northern Caspak.
I walked up and down; at one time absorbed in my own thoughts; at another, engaged in watching the gradual diminution in the number of foot passengers who passed me as the night advanced.
Another rest and another round went by, with no further damage to Joe and no diminution of strength on the part of Ponta.
but Agammemnon's fame suffers no diminution in consequence.
The bile and rancour of the worthy Miss Knag undergoing no diminution during the remainder of the week, but rather augmenting with every successive hour; and the honest ire of all the young ladies rising, or seeming to rise, in exact proportion to the good spinster's indignation, and both waxing very hot every time Miss Nickleby was called upstairs; it will be readily imagined that that young lady's daily life was none of the most cheerful or enviable kind.