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Where she towers in height with her slim straight body, her husband Oko, appears diminutively short beside her.
When specimen is loaded (100 MPa and 200 MPa) and tempered at 200[degrees]C, it humps nevertheless but the more diminutively the higher stress are (Fig.
Stebbins, Jr has described it, Cole took a landscape approach to the subject, choosing to foreground a blasted, uprooted tree trunk, with the page and boy diminutively placed in the distant background well beyond the tree's natural arch.
Outside, meanwhile, Pepe's fellow inmates have overthrown the administration of the institution and are now running diminutively amok.
Hidden away behind three separate doors in the secretary, surrounded by "a multitude of little drawers and slides and pigeon-holes" (3) of the sort typically used to file business correspondence or receipts, and diminutively imperceptible, art appears as both feminized and powerless to the legally mature male protagonist.
The relatively low commitment of diminutively sized dishes offers an operator a chance to preview their beverage wares, and deliberate "small bite flights" are becoming avant-garde.
The usual grand sentiment of the "Blow wind" soliloquy was delivered by Keach quite speedily, almost diminutively, on an empty stage against the bare black upstage wall of the Albert.