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Institutional task tuning is therefore ideally suited for control of fluorescent lighting loads with dimming ballasts, such as daylight harvesting control zones, and the majority of LED luminaires, which are dimmable.
Dimmable stairwell fixtures using bi-level ballasts and sensors;
Hubbell Lighting's Superwatt[R] 3D lighting fixture supplies instant-on start-up, outstanding color, improved lumen maintenance, and is dimmable.
The lamp combines task and ambient lighting, with two independently controllable and fully dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs: One directs light downward, for reading; the other sends it upward for room lighting.
In fact, when Staples Center opens, it will be the only major venue in the city to have dimmable house lights.
Fourth, the 3-Way Quad Biax and Dimmable Quad Biax are ideal for residential and healthcare applications.
Company launches simpler, smaller and less costly IC solution for dimmable LED retrofits
the stage lighting system consists of 80 dimmable circuits (2.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 8, 2016-Vision Systems integrates info displays into dimmable windows
Fluorescent and metal halide were ruled out since they were not dimmable, leaving CFL and LED as options.
These dimmable fixtures make individual colors look crisper and cleaner than typical CRI 80 LED lamps and are ideal for applications that demand accurate color rendering such as retail, food, museums, and art galleries.