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An ENERGY STAR qualified dimmable 9 watt A-19 omni-directional LED bulb that generates as much light as most 60 watt incandescent bulbs.
Fox calls it a "win-win-win-win" for Westin in terms of first cost (about $80 for a fully dimmable product); energy use (60 percent below Title 24 requirements); lifecycle savings (the fixtures have a five-year warranty); and light quality (80 CRI, 3,000K).
AC models support international mains voltage from 100-240V AC and an AC-TRIAC dimmable option means these down lights can be controlled with traditional dimming switches.
The Dream Tour airplane, ZA003, is outfitted with the 787's special cabin features, including a welcoming entryway, dramatically larger dimmable windows, bigger bins and dynamic LED lighting.
The goal, Beaver said, was to take away the market resistance to an LED light bulb "by making it dimmable, period.
New dimmable LED and fluorescent options are out, as are higher-efficacy halogen and incandescents, not to mention high-performance fans.
Many of the features found only in Class 3 EFBs, such as FMS-style line-select keys, a high-resolution, fully dimmable display, integrated communication capabilities and DO-160D qualification, make the Class 2 PilotView EFB an ideal system," CMC President and CEO Jean-Pierre Mortreux said.
The T5 lamp is shrouded by an etched glass, and a choice of gear types including emergency and dimmable is available.
The company will be showcasing its Vanity electric fire, designed to have a striking visual impact with a remote dimmable flame effect.
These bulbs emit superb light and this lantern has the added benefit of being dimmable enabling you to choose the level of light required.
Dimmable stairwell fixtures using bi-level ballasts and sensors;