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The reason for not connecting a dimmer to an electric motor is basic to a qualified electrician but somewhat esoteric to most others.
The Decora Digital Dimmer is a powerful device combining the best of Leviton dimmer and timer functions with today's technology.
And because different bulbs use different technologies, a bulb's performance with one dimmer does not predict its performance with another.
uk PS569 SPEND Mirror Framed landscape mirror, Gillmore Space PS139 Lighting Chrome Petra pendant, BHS PS190 Dimmer switch, Argos PS9.
If you're looking to add character to a room or create an intimate, cosy atmosphere in an instant, dimmer switches are ideal.
We replaced two light dimmers and had to go back two weeks later to adjust the dimmer settings.
There are also fears non-standard fittings won't take new bulbs and the fact that most are incompatible with dimmer switches.
And don't be put off by rather more plain and un-stylish designs found in DIY stores; Lutron's dimmer switch designs provide the ultimate contemporary accessory to complete the design of any interiors room, allowing greater control via slide, tap and Infra-Red (IR) functions, rather than the more traditional low-tech and often clunky rotary switch system.
In fact, it may lie in your brain's dimmer switch for controlling the input from your ears.
The lamp comes with a useful dimmer switch and costs pounds 140 from Utility Design (www.
DIMMER SWITCH offers an upgrade over standard switches by providing dimming capabilities and fully variable and multi-speed "quiet versions" of fan speed control.
Features include a wireless DMX option; an LED digital display; four- and six-channel capacity, with 600 and 1,200 watts per channel; softpatch (each dimmer); dimmer limiting; dimmer curve/relay selection; DMX-512 protocol; built-in chase function; "set and forget" intensity; architectural interface; and AMX/Crestron interface.