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Dimmest 'bulbs' in the Milky Way: In December, US astronomers discovered the dimmest stars in the Milky Way.
But even the dimmest of his former pupils would accept that St Mirren's aspirations and their nightmare season don't add up.
Innocent in the dimmest possible way, she parroted cliches from magazines like "I've got a lot of love to give" while debating whether Man Utd star Dwight will be a proper dad to their baby, due in April.
Instead, they saw an abrupt slowing of the increase midway between the brightest and dimmest flashes.
Three years ago the dimmest of England fans were burning effigies of the Manchester United maestro - now they probably want to erect statues of him.
The US President's astonishing revelation came after a report in America branded him the country's dimmest leader for 50 years.
If one assumes the bursts appear faint only because they lie farther from Earth, then the findings support the notion of an expanding universe and an origin for the dimmest GRO bursts several billion light-years beyond our galaxy, Nemiroff asserts.
THE George W Bush circus arrived at Buckingham Palace yesterday - as the president was branded America's dimmest in recent history.
Light striking the emulsion causes crystals of silver halide to develop into grains of silver; since dim light penetrates only the uppermost layers of the negative, the dark grains that form the dimmest images lie near the top.
And on the day a study in the US branded him the dimmest president in 50 years with an IQ of 91, he answered a child's inquiry on what the White House was like by saying: "It's white.
KEANU Reeves is trying too hard to shake off rumours he's the dimmest star around.
Here, even the relatively bright, intermediate-mass stars have died out, and the dimmest stars (with masses less than that of the sun) get their turn in the limelight, glowing primarily in the red.