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In his film debut, Garfield's owner, Jon, takes in sweet but dimwitted pooch Odie, turning Garfield's perfect world upside down.
Top bookie Paddy Power is offering odds of 50,000-1 on TV's dimwitted Father Dougal to be the pontiff.
Things don't get any more interesting, unless you find some perverse pleasure in the sight of a class act like Paltrow struggling to play dimwitted and vulgar when those qualities simply are not within her to access.
Along the way, they meet cartoon-like characters played by Smith cronies like Affleck, Chris Rock, Joey Lauren Adams, Jason Lee and George Carlin, along with some new people like a band of ``Charlie's Angels'' jewel thieves (Shannon Elizabeth, Ali Larter, Eliza Dushku and Smith's wife, Jennifer Schwalbach) and a dimwitted federal wildlife marshal (Will Ferrell).
It's a tribute to him that he can make a dire sitcom about the homelife of a dimwitted superman - My Hero - marginally funnier than just utterly woeful.
But after Marty falls into an intense physical relationship with the equally dimwitted Lisa (Rachel Miner), the love-besotted lass becomes obsessed with eliminating Bobby from the face of the Earth.
BUSY supermodel Caprice was stunned to hear a report by my boss-eyed, dimwitted rivals linking her with Mel C's boyfriend Jason Brown.
Also on hand to fine effect are Benjamin Bratt as Bullock's colleague and possible romantic interest, and William Shatner as the pageant's dimwitted emcee.
Viewers, of course, are encouraged to hope that these genial hacks exploiting the dimwitted masses will make it to the top of the show-biz heap.
More highlights are provided by the comical courtship of Susanne Blakeslee's working girl Dora and her dimwitted but opportunistic policeman beau, Floyd, played to the lowbrow hilt by Mike Hagerty.
Stalwart Brendan Fraser, who plays the straight-arrow, dimwitted title Mountie opposite Parker's updated, self-assertive damsel-in-distress Nell Fenwick, confirmed that the actress was fun to work with but nonetheless a pro all the way.
Enlisting the aid of dimwitted but willing fellow servant Sylvestro (Tom McCleister), Scapin constantly has to sidestep self-generated disasters, but eventually separates the merchants from their gold while uniting Octavio with the supposedly poor but beautiful Hyacinthe (Kimberly Karen Johnson) and Leandro with the mysterious gypsy girl, Zerbinetta (Kathleen Dunn).