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BUSY supermodel Caprice was stunned to hear a report by my boss-eyed, dimwitted rivals linking her with Mel C's boyfriend Jason Brown.
Along the way, they meet cartoon-like characters played by Smith cronies like Affleck, Chris Rock, Joey Lauren Adams, Jason Lee and George Carlin, along with some new people like a band of ``Charlie's Angels'' jewel thieves (Shannon Elizabeth, Ali Larter, Eliza Dushku and Smith's wife, Jennifer Schwalbach) and a dimwitted federal wildlife marshal (Will Ferrell).
But after Marty falls into an intense physical relationship with the equally dimwitted Lisa (Rachel Miner), the love-besotted lass becomes obsessed with eliminating Bobby from the face of the Earth.
Also on hand to fine effect are Benjamin Bratt as Bullock's colleague and possible romantic interest, and William Shatner as the pageant's dimwitted emcee.
Meanwhile, the power-hungry Yzma employs her beefcake dimwitted aide, Kronk (Patrick Warburton), to poison Kuzco with a potion, but Kronk grabs the wrong bottle and turns the emperor into a llama instead.
More highlights are provided by the comical courtship of Susanne Blakeslee's working girl Dora and her dimwitted but opportunistic policeman beau, Floyd, played to the lowbrow hilt by Mike Hagerty.
Stalwart Brendan Fraser, who plays the straight-arrow, dimwitted title Mountie opposite Parker's updated, self-assertive damsel-in-distress Nell Fenwick, confirmed that the actress was fun to work with but nonetheless a pro all the way.
Enlisting the aid of dimwitted but willing fellow servant Sylvestro (Tom McCleister), Scapin constantly has to sidestep self-generated disasters, but eventually separates the merchants from their gold while uniting Octavio with the supposedly poor but beautiful Hyacinthe (Kimberly Karen Johnson) and Leandro with the mysterious gypsy girl, Zerbinetta (Kathleen Dunn).
Its dimwitted characters seem to have come straight from an appearance on ``The Jerry Springer Show,'' only somewhere along the way they lost their low-life credibility.
Lewinsky, the reams and reels of coverage on their coupling haven't provided much insight into the sphinx/minx who, for seven seamy months, has been up to her kneepads in personal abuse, branded as a dimwitted Beverly Hills bimbo destroying family, faith, finances and feminism, or as a pathological publicity/father-seeking political conspirator who wantonly seduces aging Democratic lotharios.
better known as the dimwitted bumpkin Jethro Bodine on television's ``The Beverly Hillbillies,'' hopes to begin construction by the summer of 1999 on Jethro's Beverly Hillbillies Mansion & Casino in Reno, Nev.
The idea that government bureaucrats know better than the dimwitted masses is the premise of every totalitarian regime in modern history.