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Combine BLT Dip Mix with 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup mayonnaise.
Over 95% of DIP land is leased and 98% of its industrial zone is occupied.
The department has been a strong partner in DIPs success since its inception, and DIP appreciates the guidance of Dubai Land Department and its various sub-divisions in all of the endeavours which have been pivotal in our growth journey over the past 17 years.
Whether through promoting the product on its own or featuring it in a recipe and showing how certain dressings and dips can be paired with a variety of foods, it helps our guests understand the versatility of the dips and dressings, and encourages them to explore their own favorite way to incorporate the dip or dressing into their weekly meal plan," she observes.
Skim contamination from dip regularly to avoid post dipping lameness.
Les Tinker, of New Mill, has been having sleepless nights after recalling the dip dip rhyme used in Scholes in the 1950s, because he can't get it out of his head.
The next advancement in coating technology was to float the coating material on water in the precursor to today's dip tank.
Therefore, Tsakirellis recommends promotions such as a free store brand dip with the purchase of a bag of store brand chips.
This has avoided 20,000 car commutes on a daily basis outside the DIP premises, which is equivalent to 311,475 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions reduction.
Omar Mesmar, general manager, DIP, said: "Since our incorporation in 1997, we have remained committed to sustainable practices that benefit the DIP community.
Some Texans take issue with that claim, but whether Arkansas really gave rise to cheese dip seems beside the point.