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DIPLOMACY., The science which treats of the relations and interests of nations with nations.

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Count Vogelstein was still young enough in diplomacy to think it necessary to have opinions.
The first object of her diplomacy, the exit of the enraged Bruno, was at once achieved.
Our time has not yet come," Granet admitted, "but before long, unless diplomacy can avert it, fate will be knocking at our doors, too.
Guiltless of diplomacy subterfuge, he was as direct and gusty as the gale itself.
A government degrades itself by openly employing such a man, whose real vocation is for police diplomacy.
If I think of any career, it is the career of diplomacy.
Haggistoun that he would give her a cheque for five thousand pounds on the day his son was married to her ward; and called that proposal a hint, and considered it a very dexterous piece of diplomacy.
Again I call out all my diplomacy, and again as soon as the thing was about at an end, our friend the government clerk gets hot and red, and his sausages stand on end with wrath, and once more I launch out into diplomatic wiles.
It is the language of diplomacy, but it is also the language of fools.
He interrupted me with the earnest assurance that Hermann had the highest opinion of me; and at once I felt the need for the greatest possible diplomacy at this juncture.
Only a little management, a little diplomacy, a little--intriguing, that's the word.
The truth was, that the prince, forgetting the undoubted right of the minister for foreign affairs to fall in love on his behalf, had, contrary to every precedent of policy and diplomacy, already fallen in love on his own account, and privately contracted himself unto the fair daughter of a noble Athenian.

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