diplomatic agreement

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And in the case of the Iran nuclear deal framework, we have a complex diplomatic agreement put in place through a series of treaties approved by the legislatures of the U.
It would be a major stretch to consider this development as being anything more than what it really is: A diplomatic agreement along the lines that NATO enjoys with other Arab states, no more, no less," he added.
A contribution of one million DKK to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will support the Agencys monitoring of North Koreas nuclear activities as well as the Agencys readiness to send inspectors to North Korea if and when a diplomatic agreement is reached.
President Obama's election helped forge a rare consensus on Iran, with Washington and Brussels jointly emphasizing the search for a diplomatic agreement on the nuclear threat.
The bill passed with 64 votes in favor and 52 against on Tuesday stipulates that a majority of 80 Knesset members of 120-member Knesset will be required to any transfer of territories from the occupied al-Quds within the framework of any potential diplomatic agreement, Al-Waght reported.
The latest outburst signals that despite both overt and covert efforts by the PPP to get Khan to tone down his harsh criticism of Zardari, any hopes of a diplomatic agreement between the two parties remain slim.
Summary: The self-proclaimed "deal-maker" finally got the beginnings of what could be an important diplomatic agreement in Friday's Russian-American summit in Hamburg.
Landler suggests Clinton "set the table" for the diplomatic agreement which was negotiated under the leadership of Secretary of State John Kerry.
In the end, they reach a historic diplomatic agreement.
While Iran and Germany had a diplomatic agreement protecting Iranian citizens in Europe, Ibrahim knew his family -- his three brothers and three sisters -- were at risk.
Countries must pursue diplomatic agreement on battle plans and next steps on governance for Syria, or efforts will go wasted.
Since this diplomatic agreement is obviously good news for the world, the UN Security Council has unanimously approved it and only one of the UN's 193 member states, Israel, is currently opposed to it.
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