diplomatic code

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One Downing Street insider said the 30 minute phone call between Putin and the furious PM was "frank" - diplomatic code for a blazing row.
That's diplomatic code for saying it was a shouting match.
However, France has expressed optimism over its ties with China in nuclear energy and aerospace - diplomatic code for possible deals during the March 25-27 visit.
Specifically citing the 77 CD diplomatic code given to the United States, the note suggests that there should not be any leniency, and the diplomat should be taken out of the vehicle and a breathalsyer test be conducted on the spot.
The phrase "all necessary measures" is diplomatic code for military force.
Russia and China, key allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and veto-wielding council members, have blocked repeated attempts by the United States and its European allies to even threaten 'consequences', a diplomatic code word for sanctions.
Speaking at a UN Security Council meeting, Annan called for "consequences", diplomatic code for sanctions, if the violence that has already killed 10,000 continues.
The hazy diplomatic code leaving open the possibility of pre-emptive air-strikes, and often echoed by Israel, on Dec.
Al-Amer also asserted that Bahrain observes good neighborliness, and do not interfere with the domestic affairs of other countries, calling on the UN, OIC, and the Arab League to reject such Iranian diplomatic notes as they run counter to international laws, conventions and norms, and contrast with the global diplomatic code of ethics.
By all means necessary" is usually the diplomatic code word for the use of force.
The invitation was cordial and formal and, as the rules of the diplomatic code of conduct require, filled with the indispensable epithets and technical instructions about the length of the text.