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DIPLOMACY., The science which treats of the relations and interests of nations with nations.

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Macdonell, who in making this request, states that he is not of the same family as this diplomatist for whom the favour is asked, and that if he were he would not make the suggestion, and sets forth as a reason why it should be granted the distinguished services rendered by the family of Sir Hugh Macdonell in the revolutionary war, throughout which his father and uncles, five or six in number, served with much distinction, and with great benefit to Upper Canada, the preservation of which to Great Britain was, in the opinion of the military Secretary to Sir Guy Carleton, writing to the Under Secretary of State for War, under date the 23rd June 1804, in a great measure due to the efforts of the Macdonells and their dependants.
Yearning to figure importantly as a European statesman, James enjoyed a limited measure of success as a diplomatist, but increasingly he experienced frustration in his major goals of uniting the kingdoms of England and Scotland and of successfully mediating Europe's religious conflicts.
71) Sir Horace Rumbold, Final Recollections of a Diplomatist, London, 1905, p.
The text was translated by Thomas Hoby (1530-1566), an Elizabethan diplomatist who (possibly in a more sober mood) also translated The Gratulation ofM Bucer .
The diplomatist has to recognize," writes Martin Wight, "his own objectives and limitations; there are certain things he wants, certain consequences he fears, and certain things he cannot do because his power reaches its limits.
What a pack of lies intimate journals are" declared Charles Ritchie, a Canadian diplomatist who kept a journal during the war years, "particularly if one tries too hard to be truthful.
But Soroka describes his two successors--Alexander Iswolsky and Sergei Sazanov--as being far more impressed by Benckendorff and his apparent status as a leading diplomatist.
with the husband of a lady diplomatist, especially if he is a
Rochefort, the aviator William Moffett, the naval diplomatist Matthew Perry, and the submariner Charles Lockwood; Joy Bright Hancock, a pioneering advocate for women in the U.
He went into psychoanalysis -- in his excellent story "Percy Wallingford," the young diplomatist narrator based on Berners speaks of having suffered from "nervous depression" -- but one imagines him too witty for it to have much helped.
On Mijatovic's activity during the London Conference, see Count Chedomille Mijatovich, The Memoirs of a Balkan Diplomatist (London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne 1917), pp.

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