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DIPLOMACY., The science which treats of the relations and interests of nations with nations.

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Missionary, Physician and Diplomatist, the Father of Medical Missions and Founder of the Opthalmic Hospital in Canton (Boston, 1896), 41.
14) His unique profile--an able diplomatist, a good confidential agent, a linguist, a talented writer--served him particularly well in a court such as that of James VI in the early years of his reign.
Once Ahab (in Hazleton's depiction, a peace-loving diplomatist who only fought when he had to) died in battle, two of Jezebel's sons ruled in succession.
Mr Offord, the most agreeable, the most lovable of bachelors, was a retired diplomatist, living on his pension, confined by his infirmities to his fireside and delighted to be found there any afternoon in the year by such visitors as Brooksmith allowed to come up.
His life, in consequence, was one of almost permanent warfare but, as the world knows, he gained England by a trick worthy of the most ruthless and unprincipled diplomatist.
The expedition of diplomatist Viscount Macartney to the Chinese Emperor conveyed George III's aspirations of 'communicating the arts and comforts of life to those parts of the world where it appeared they had been wanting'.
Almost to the end, Kissinger took pains to respond to his critics and conceal the documents in an effort to defend his reputation and his almost mythic image as a master diplomatist.
Godkin, founding editor of this magazine and an important press critic, observed that because public passions were easily aroused in foreign affairs, the press "made the moderate ground difficult for a diplomatist.
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Macdonell, who in making this request, states that he is not of the same family as this diplomatist for whom the favour is asked, and that if he were he would not make the suggestion, and sets forth as a reason why it should be granted the distinguished services rendered by the family of Sir Hugh Macdonell in the revolutionary war, throughout which his father and uncles, five or six in number, served with much distinction, and with great benefit to Upper Canada, the preservation of which to Great Britain was, in the opinion of the military Secretary to Sir Guy Carleton, writing to the Under Secretary of State for War, under date the 23rd June 1804, in a great measure due to the efforts of the Macdonells and their dependants.
David Reynolds, "Eden the Diplomatist, 1931-56: Suezide of a Statesman?

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