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This prospective mineralized zone is completely untested by drilling down dip.
Customers who have recently purchased Hy-Vee brand dips or sour cream should check the product for mold or other signs of spoilage and return any spoiled product to their local stores for a refund.
Joanne Moore writes that Hot Chili and Cream Cheese Dip is easy to make and has become a favorite of many every time it is served.
Nonni's Food Company introduces new dip recipes that will be complementary to any Super Bowl party or event.
Marzetti Veggie Dips add a boost of flavor and are the perfect solution for livening up a snack or other dishes," said Mary Beth Cowardin, director of produce marketing at T.
Consumers who bought the dips should return them to the place of purchase.
The lawsuit is brought on behalf of all persons nationwide injured by Senor Felix's shigella-contaminated bean and salsa dip, and the plaintiffs are represented by the law firm of Keller Rohrback, L.
Sabra hummus is America's favorite new dip and we are looking forward to introducing our products to thousands more on November 10th.
America's appetite for dips is as patriotic as its love of potato chips, but much more recent,'' writes Jane Kirby, in her book ``50 Best Salsas & Dips'' (Broadway Books).
And the hottest trend in dips this summer will make your guests flip
Whip up a batch of your favorite dip and serve with with crackers, chips or assorted fresh veggies in the playful and fun Boston Warehouse 2000 or Bust Chip & Dip Party Guy.
The Federal Drug Administration has warned consumers not to purchase or consume any five-layer dip sold under the following brand names: Senor Felix's Five-Layered Party Dip, Delicioso 5-Layer Dip, Trader Joe's Five-Layered Fiesta Dip, or The Carryout Cafe Mexican Fiesta Party Dip 5 Layer.