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As the man himself says: "The new songs fit very comfortably next to the Dire Straits' classics.
Dire wolves existed between 125,000 and 9,000 years ago and resembled modern-day gray wolves.
O-T cuts a dash but The Interceptor is sub-Wire dire
One of Knopfler's most notable shows in the region was in 1992, when Dire Straits rocked Gateshead Stadium to its foundations.
In a large voir dire involving opposing Texas and Florida companies, venire panelist number 96 referenced a "Texas Praline" in a comment many of his fellow panelists found to be humorous.
As one of the founding band members with Mark Knopfler, his brother David and drummer Pick Withers, Illsley played a major role in the development of the Dire Straits' sound.
They also staged demonstration against failure of police in maintaining law and order and arrest of extortionists and criminals demanding extortion and issuing threats of dire consequences to them.
The first wave of the Dire States tour featured author and infrastructure expert Dan McNichol traveling the country in a '49 Hudson that is as "old, rusty and energy defunct" as America's infrastructure to raise awareness to the issue.
HLG CEO and managing director, Jose Antonio Lopez-Monis, said the contract with DIRE is of great significance to HLG.
Houcine Abassi SG de l'UGTT a recommande dans son discours du 1er mai , tenu a la place M'hamed Ali , aux autorites de dire toute la verite au peuple sur la situation du pays , soulignant que la revelation de la verite ne s'inscrit pas dans une logique de vengeance, mais elle vise a mieux saisir la reelle portee des defis a relever par le pays et les enjeux de la situation que traverse le peuple .
CHAKWAL -- Six persons including three CNG owners were booked by city police, Chakwal, as they attacked the staff of Sui gas department and threatening them of dire consequences.
Dire Straits tribute Money for Nothing is a must see for any Dire Straits fan.