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But asked if City are about to change their style with a more direct approach, he said: "No - "We're never going to change our philosophy here but we're going to add to that because part of that philosophy is getting crosses into the box where we've not had people to get on the end of them.
Although Douglas' direct approach paid off, he had received guidance from and the backing of Newcastle Futures - an initiative which is helping locals to explore job opportunities.
There was a time when the more direct approach was seen as the way to win football matches and you had Wimbledon getting the results with John Fashanu up front and Vinnie Jones in midfield.
The Direct Approach Dating Summit for Men was attended by approximately two hundred men from all over the United Kingdom, and many other countries in Europe.
But while his refusal to take medicine begins to affect his stability, Ray still manages to strike up a relationship with Laura (Kelly MacDonald), who's impressed by his direct approach to life.
Their research question is whether an inquiry approach or a direct approach to experientially-based instruction is more effective for science concept development, when both approaches are expertly designed and well executed.
I liked a more direct approach that the US President Barack Obama adopted in the last week - one to Russia to reduce nuclear warfare and another to Africa, to stop their feuds and focus on development.
Men found a direct approach, such as an invitation to dinner or the cinema, the most appealing.
Ashton said: "For this game we need the direct approach Andy Farrell brings.
Producers UMTV did approach ITV with the idea for a series - but had not made a direct approach to the couple.
Former Councilman Joe Davies also remembered Smith for his direct approach.
In contrast, the body's homemade cathelicidins puncture a bacterium's membrane and kill it, a more direct approach.