direct opposite

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Coun Bob Gibson, chairman of the North-East Assembly, said: "The committee said the Government had to do more to help the region and here is Alistair Darling doing the direct opposite.
Wes Brown, on the other hand, comes across as the direct opposite - overawed by the big occasion, which in turn renders him nervous and given to both going into his shell and making mistakes.
I think it's a direct opposite tack to that which was taken in the '80s.
Now 'pretty' is one of those odd words like 'good' which can sometimes mean its direct opposite.
He said our reporter and photographer's bags WERE checked before their flight - the direct opposite of what actually happened.
The second blow has the direct opposite effect to the first one, with Stan abruptly reverting from Renaissance man back to his former doltish persona.
IF ONE is not bowing down to God - living one's life, keeping His Commandments in the light of the Gospel, one is automatically bowing down to the Devil, for one is the direct opposite of the other.
I do agree with Mr Harris on one point, that mankind may not last much beyond the 21st century but not for the reasons of overpopulation but the direct opposite - depopulation.
Make-up artist Claire went for a striking make-up look: `Karen's skin is a lovely warm, creamy colour, so I'm opting for orangey tones - the direct opposite to blue on the colour spectrum, which will really emphasise Karen's fantastic aquamarine eyes.
Gordon Brown's philosophy is the direct opposite of the pools winner Viv Nicolson's who famously said she would "spend, spend, spend".
When they're playing well, they get excited emotionally and think they're invincible and the next minute, that stops and it's the direct opposite.
The event was restricted to the slowest 120 riders on entry times - a direct opposite to the normal regulations for open time trials - and with a best from last year of 56-06, Laussmann expected to be ruled out as the A1 course is known as one of the quickest of the country and regularly draws over-subscribed fields.

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