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PT Direct Vision operates Astro--satellite-based television from Malaysia, coming on line early 2006.
After failing an initial attempt to place a Foley urethral catheter, I placed a resectoscope sheath under direct vision into the bladder following TURP.
The large needles still attached to the tape are introduced into the abdomen through one of the exposed lateral trocar sites by successively grasping each end of the suture several centimeters from the swedge point and then directing the needles through the abdominal wall and then into the peritoneal cavity under direct vision.
In October 2008, Astro broadcast in Indonesia was stopped unilaterally by Astro Malasyia by stopping supply of programs to Direct Vision on internal conflict between PT.
Also, it is difficult to assess whether all the pneumatized cells that Van Alyea observed under direct vision would be detectable by CT.
Tim Bone, President of MedMal Direct said, David Kroupa shares the MedMal Direct vision and we are thrilled to have him join our team.
The AWS not only improves the laryngeal view, but it also facilitates rapid, easy and reliable endotracheal intubation under direct vision through the monitor attached to the scope (1).
But he found that the IUD easily can be replaced as follows: Just insert the IUD in the hysteroscope sheath and then use the hysteroscope itself as the obturator to neatly replace the IUD under direct vision.
Cysts that are close to the osteomeatal complex can be removed endoscopically, but cysts that lie laterally or posteriorly are more easily removed under the direct vision that a Caldwell-Luc approach provides.
He went for the deal after Direct Vision Rentals targeted him with promotional leaflets.
MCTAGS kits further enhance survivability for Marines by providing a gunner's protection system that enables direct vision, situational awareness and target acquisition while providing enhanced protection from small arms fire and improvised explosive device (IED) fragments.
The technique that we finally found successful was to pass the wire through the foreign body under direct vision from the telescopic Hopkin's rod of a rigid bronchoscope.