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Pneumoperitoneum was then deflated and ports were removed under direct vision.
Dentists often turn their necks to the left while bending their head to the right for direct vision.
Biopsies were performed under direct vision in all suspicious areas (Figure 1) and systematically in several parts of the parietal pleura for cytological and pathological examinations (Figure 2).
At the commencement of the case when the console surgeon is preparing to engage the console, the laparoscopic instruments can be passed into the body under direct vision.
8) Results from a student questionnaire following the study indicate the students who began with direct vision skill exercises on the mandibular arch perceived they were not progressing as fast, now working on the maxillary arch due to loss of visualization.
The abdominal drain and snare were withdrawn and the T-tube placed appropriately, plugging the hole in the pyloroplasty, under direct vision.
When the dentist is working on the buccal surfaces of the right maxillary posteriors, the dentist is generally using direct vision.
Following is a description of the technique used in 19 cases of nasotracheal intubation guided under direct vision with the Bonfils retromolar fiberscope in adult patients; the procedure was performed by people trained in the use of the device.
If webbing is suspected, the endoscope should be advanced carefully under direct vision through the upper esophageal sphincter.
While air is insufflated within the esophageal lumen, an 18-gauge hypodermic needle is passed through the common wall under direct vision (figure 2, A).
Anterior vitreous opacities can be lysed under direct vision.
Patients in group 1 were treated by injection of botulinum toxin into each side of the internal sphincter with a 25G needle, under direct vision and guided by digital examination (a total of 40 U per patient).