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He would delight them equally by his anecdotes of witchcraft, and of the direful omens and portentous sights and sounds in the air, which prevailed in the earlier times of Connecticut; and would frighten them woefully with speculations upon comets and shooting stars; and with the alarming fact that the world did absolutely turn round, and that they were half the time topsy-turvy!
So, with great vehemence, he overturned Sam, and, giving two or three contemptuous snorts, flourished his heels vigorously in the air, and was soon prancing away towards the lower end of the lawn, followed by Bill and Jerry, whom Andy had not failed to let loose, according to contract, speeding them off with various direful ejaculations.
Miserable I am, and must be for a time; for the catastrophe which drove me from a house I had found a paradise was of a strange and direful nature.
He deemed it advisable, however, not to be too positive as to the date of the direful fact, and also to be uncertain whether it were perpetrated by an Irishman and a mulatto, or by the son of Erin alone.
He said that those lawyers shouted slogans against Pakistan Bar Council and Punjab Bar Council and also gave threats of direful consequences.
they are swept by Borean and dismasting blasts as direful as any that lash the salted wave; they know what shipwrecks are, for out of sight of land, however inland, they have drowned full many a midnight ship with all its shrieking crew.
Instead of depressing diagnoses, we heard encouraging remedies; instead of direful predictions, messages of trust issued from the council to the world, whose values were not only respected, but honored.
The Balts fought on through MUD and gore; In direful ZMUDZ they cursed and swore.
These banks present direful challenges to market participants and supervisors who need to formulate on-going assessments of banks' activities and risks.
A direful death indeed they had that would put any parent mad But she was more than usual calm She did not give a single dam .
While a black curtain across the central entrance confirms that this is where Tragedy makes her way on to the stage in the induction, in the first mid-play dumb show Tragedy as presenter, says "And in these sable Curtains shut we vp / The Comicke entrance to our direful play" (C4v).
The editors acknowledged receipt of "a pamphlet from Charleston of 48 pages," James Hamilton's Negro Plot: An Account of the Late Intended Insurrection among a Portion of the Blacks of the City of Charleston, South Carolina (135), and the newspaper editors felt that this was "a plot, which threatened the most direful consequences to the innocent and unsuspecting whites.